Believ charge point - charging Renault Zoe

Redbridge Council and Uber deal brings 170 Believ EV chargers

Nic Ryan

In a bid to support the council’s plans to tackle climate change, over 170 Believ electric vehicle (EV) charge points are to be installed across Redbridge thanks to a landmark project with Uber.

Uber is to fund the project, alongside Believ who will also install, operate, and maintain the 174 new charge points across 87 locations in the borough, with installation expected to begin and be completed in 2024.

By helping increasing London’s overall EV charging network Uber aims to bring more on-street charging access both to its drivers and other EV users in London.

The council hopes that the increased number of on-street and destination EV charging points in Redbridge will give its residents without the ability to charge on their own driveway the confidence to make the switch to electric.

“I love my cars and was a complete petrol head, but you get to a point in your life where you start thinking about how your actions will impact on the type of future your children will have,” said local resident, Atik Zaman.

“For me the climate crisis played a big part in my choice to move to electric as it meant I’d no longer be polluting the air with harmful carbon dioxide from my vehicle.

“Long term they are also much more economical because you’re not having to fill up on fuel, plus there’s no road tax on fully electric vehicles.

“It’s great to see so many EV charging points being installed across the borough. It’s a big boost for residents thinking about buying an electric vehicle.”

Believ are a Zapmap Live data partner - this means that users of the Zapmap app or desktop map can see the live status and availability of Believ charge points, making it more convenient for EV drivers to quickly find and easily charge their EVs.

“We are thrilled to support Redbridge Council in what is a very significant project that will drastically improve access to EV charging in the borough, as well as supporting the Council’s Clean Air targets,” said Guy Bartlett, Believ CEO.

“The partnership with Uber is an excellent example of private industry working together with councils to accelerate the roll out of EV charging in the UK.”