Renault EVs to be involved in first smart island

Renault EVs to be involved in first smart island


Renault has announced that it will create the first ‘smart island’ in Porto Santo, Portugal, with energy provider EEM (Empresa de Electricitade da Madeira).

Group Renault will supply electric vehicles, second-life EV batteries for energy storage, smart charging, and vehicle-to-grid infrastructure to help the island’s energy independence.

As one of the leading EV brands, Renault will partner with EEM to work on the island, which makes up part of the Madeira archipelago. Part of the island government’s Sustainable Porto Santo – Smart Fossil Free Island programme, Renault will play a key part in the project.

Renault and EEM have been working on the project since the start of the year, and the programme is expected to last 18 months in three phases. The first will see 20 volunteer users in Porto Santo drive 14 Zoe’s and six Kangoo Z.E.s for everyday use. Smart charging will be available from 40 public and private charging points.

The second phase towards the end of the year will see those models use V2G technology during peak energy demand, supporting the grid. Finally, second-life batteries will be installed to store electricity generated by Porto Santo’s solar and wind farms.

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