Renault expands ultra rapid charging reach

Renault expands ultra rapid charging reach


Renault has joined an ultra-rapid EV charging partnership, which will roll-out charging stations across southern Europe.

The E-VIA FLEX-E joins the likes of Ionity in aiming to have a pan-European ultra-rapid charging network, even before EVs capable of charging at such speeds are on sale.

High Power Charging stations with a capacity of between 150kW and 350kW will be installed from the end of 2018 – with eight in Italy, two in France, and four in Spain initially.

The E-VIA FLEX-E project includes Renault’s Alliance stablemate Nissan, as well as ENEL, EDF, Enedis, Verbund, and IBIL. Half of the project’s 6.9 million euro budget will come from European Commission funding.

The announcement sees Renault expand its ultra-rapid charging reach, having already become part of the Ultra-E and High Speed Electric Mobility Across Europe networks in northern Europe. These have 25 and 158 charging stations respectively.

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