Renault to showcase EOLAB plug-in hybrid concept car at Paris Motor Show

Renault to showcase EOLAB plug-in hybrid concept car at Paris Motor Show


Renault has announced that it will unveil the EOLAB, a new plug-in hybrid concept vehicle, at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, scheduled to take place from the 2nd – 19th October.

The concept features nearly 100 new Renault technologies that are ultimately designed to achieve low-fuel consumption. Renault claims the EOLAB petrol-electric hybrid concept is capable of 282mpg and records just 22g/km CO2 emissions on the official NEDC cycle.

The EOLAB concept’s most defining feature is the introduction of the Renault’s Z.E. Hybrid powertrain, which is covered by over 30 patents. It combines a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder 75hp SCe petrol engine with 400V, 6.7 kWh battery to draw on the benefits of both power modes.

In pure electric mode the concept has a range of around 37 miles and gives off zero-tailpipe emissions. However, what separates this model from others in the Z.E. range is its ability to engage the petrol engine to facilitate longer journeys.

Renault are hoping that the concept will demonstrate their aspirations to build upon their Z.E. range, which includes the popular battery electric Renault Zoe. By adding a plug-in hybrid to their range, they will cater for a wider audience and perhaps convert those previously put off by ‘range anxiety’.

“Today, most of the market’s hybrid vehicles are higher segment cars with a price tag of more than €40,000 (approximately £31,500). The solutions showcased by EOLAB are much more economical and enable hybrid technology to be used for smaller cars and on a much bigger scale. Our objective is to produce a car with two power sources for the price of one,” underlines Jean-Pierre Fouquet, Z.E. Hybrid Innovation Project Leader.

The vehicle also has state-of-the-art active aerodynamics and through aluminium/carbon solutions, Renault have made a weight reduction of 400kg (compared to the closest equivalent car, a Renault Clio).

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