Replacement charge points fitted in Corby

Replacement charge points fitted in Corby


Five new electric vehicle charge points have been installed in Corby by Chargemaster, replacing the borough’s oldest units with the latest set-up from the company. The points remain on the Plugged-in Midlands network, with 23 units available in total.

The old points were supplied early in the Plugged-in Midlands initiative in 2011 and were no longer working. Now that Chargemaster has taken over the running of the Plugged-in Midlands network, the new points join not only the regional network, but are also available for the company’s Polar Plus and Polar Instant customers.

The replacement units have been installed in Corby town centre, at the railway station, and at the Corby Enterprise Centre. Chargemaster chief executive, David Martell, said: “Nothing is more frustrating for EV owners than not being able to recharge their vehicle wherever and whenever they want. By bringing five new chargers into service, we can make EV drivers’ journeys easier and show the UK that Corby is an EV-friendly town.”

Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said: “With more and more people going green and switching to electric vehicles, it’s very welcome news that Corby now has brand new, state of the art charging points for residents to use.

“As a council, several of our corporate vehicles are electric and we want to encourage more people to be kinder to the environment and purchase electric vehicles. We feel that installing more charging points is the way forward.”

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