Rolec launches home charge point offer

Rolec launches home charge point offer


Charge point provider Rolec has announced that it has cut the price of its home charge points to less than £150. Rolec’s 3.6kW (16Amp) or 7.2kW (32Amp) home units now cost £149 fully installed.

The price includes the UK Government’s Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS) grant, which is available to buyers of eligible plug-in vehicles and is designed to encourage home charging of both EVs and PHEVs. Rolec has reduced the price too and now offers one of the most affordable home charge units on the market.

Managing Director of Rolec EV, Kieron Alsop, said: “We’re delighted to be in a position to continue to offer our high quality WallPod home EV charging units, fully installed, at the new price of £149 under the 1st July OLEV domestic charge point scheme.

“This incredibly low price has been achieved by a combination of OLEV and Rolec subsidies and will continue to enhance the WallPod’s reputation as the UK’s leading domestic charging point. Not only will this new low price benefit new EV/PHEV drivers, it should also encourage existing PHEV drivers who are still home charging with a 13amp domestic socket to upgrade to a full WallPod mode 3 fast charging unit.”

The price includes VAT and is for the socketed charge points at both speeds. Teathered lead versions are also available for an additional £50.

Other offers from nationwide charge point installers include Pod Point’s 3.7kW, 7kW and 22kW units, available fully installed for £390, £485 and £1,650 respectively – these prices include the EVHS grant.

Chargemaster prices start at a similar level, with a 3.7kW unit priced at £395 fully installed. A 7kW unit is available for £95 more, and both also include installation and EVHS grant. Chargemaster offers a 0% APR monthly payment scheme to help spread the cost.

The firm that gets closest to Rolec’s offer though is The Phoenix Works, which sells a 3.7kW unit fully installed for just under £240 (£199 plus VAT), or 7kW point for a little under £360 (£299 plus VAT).

Take a look at Zap-Map’s Charging at Home page for more information on home charging, and to find the Charge Point Installer tool. Here you can search by region or installer to find contact details of Office of Low Emission Vehicle (OLEV) approved companies that can fit a charge point at your home.