Rolec rolls out solar EV charge point

Rolec rolls out solar EV charge point


Rolec has launched a new EV charge point, designed for users who have or plan to have solar panels at their home.

The WallPod:EV SolarCharge unit has two charging modes – Solar + Grid Charge, and Solar Only. The former uses power generated from a solar panel array, and tops up any shortfall required from the plugged-in EV with energy from the grid.

Solar Only mode monitors how much power is being generated by the solar panels, and limits the charge provided to the EV, matching that generated by the sun.

Historical charging date is available, showing how much energy is supplied from the solar panels for users to see how much renewable-energy has been used to cover their mileage.

Available as 3.6 kW or 7.2 kW units, the charge point is available to order now.