Shetland Islands council receives £72000 charging point grant

Shetland Islands council receives £72000 charging point grant


Five new electric vehicle (EV) charging points will be installed in rural areas of Shetland, after £72,000 in government funding was assigned to the council by the Scottish Government.

The new charging points will be installed at the Belmont and Ulsta ferry terminals, Brae and Bixter health centres and potentially at a site in south mainland.

The funding will also allow existing charging stations at North Ness, Grantfield, Clickimin, Lerwick Health Centre and Fort Road to be upgraded.

All new and existing points will be switching to the Charge Your Car operating system. Any points pushed live before 31st December will be free to use until this date and then after a small fee will be introduced to cover maintenance fees.

The installations will bring the number of charging locations in Shetland to a total of 11. With one existing Charge Your Car point already located at Fetlar Museum Trust.

Shetland Islands Council could also benefit from a grant of up to £40,000 to add EVs to their fleet. The money would allow the council to rent up to three vehicles for a three year trial.

A report to councillors earlier in the week highlighted that a network of charging points “could contribute a valuable means of balancing the electricity grid as it allows the storing of surplus energy to use as a transport power source at times of low consumer demand”.

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