Smart home chargers launched by Rolec EV

Smart home chargers launched by Rolec EV


Rolec EV has launched a new range of Smart Tech EV charge points for the home. The units will come under the EV: HomeSmart brand and are available for any home installation, connecting to Rolec’s Power Portal back office system.

Kieron Alsop, Rolec’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be adding EV: HomeSmart to our already extensive portfolio of EV charging products and strongly believe it will complement our highly successful Wallpod home charge point range.

“EV: HomeSmart can be installed on any home and via its GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity relay information such as individual charging start/stop times, kWh electricity consumption per charge, as well as charging activities and trends back to our Power Portal back office.

“Once the home charging activity and history is recorded it can then be retrieved by, or forwarded on to, a third party in any format and communication language – including OCPP for detailed analysis and reporting.

“As well as providing home charging activities and data back to a central location, EV: HomeSmart also has an exciting new optional feature that allows the EV driver to interact with the charging point using their mobile phone.

“This mobile phone interactivity enables the driver/home owner to remotely turn their charging point on or off, check their charging status, as well as get an accurate understanding of how much electricity their EV is consuming – and in turn how much it is costing them to run.

“EV: HomeSmart is the ideal system for providing home charging activities and data to a central server for regional or national EV charging electricity grid impact trials, or similar analytic programmes. It will also allow the trial management team to have full overriding control of the trial charging points, enabling them to remotely switch and monitor at all times.

“It can also be utilised by companies operating a fleet of company EVs which have a requirement to manage staff home charging expenses and accounting, as well as proving ideal for an individual EV driver who simply wants to interact with, and get a little bit more from, their home charging point.”

For more information, visit Rolec EV’s website, or head to Zap-Map’s Charging at Home page and use the Installer Tool.