Smart reveals electric drive range

Smart in Europe to go electric only by 2020


Smart is set to become an all-electric brand in Europe, with parent firm Daimler deciding on a switch over to an EV-only model by 2020.

Announced by Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche at the company’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the compact car brand is already completely electric in North America, and will become in Europe too.

The transition is far less complicated than it would be for many manufacturers since the three-model Smart portfolio is already available in pure-EV versions. It just requires a phasing out of petrol models now – rather than launching new EVs.

Daimler is clearly seeing Smart as a key component in the company’s move to electric motoring. Announced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the Smart range was rebadged to include EQ, bringing with it the first of the new all-electric brand’s models.

Mercedes Benz is set to launch the first of its new EQ models next yearm with the EQC planned as a challenger to the Jaguar I-Pace and forthcoming Audi e-tron in the 300-mile all-electric premium SUV market.

The meeting also confirmed that Mercedes will offer at least one electrified model in each market segment by 2022, and the company is also progressing with electrification of its light and heavy goods vehicles.

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