Smart reveals electric drive range

Smart reveals electric drive range


The Smart electric drive range is set to launch at the Paris Motor Show with three new models confirmed to make their debuts. The fortwo and fortwo cabrio return for the new model with an electric powertrain, but the forfour will also be part of the electric drive (ed) line-up for the first time.

As could be expected for the compact city cars, range is not the furthest available, with the fortwo cabrio and forfour quoted at achieving 96 miles (155km) on a single charge, and the fortwo able to make 99 miles. With the cars spending most of their time in urban environments, this isn’t likely to put many potential buyers off though.

The technical specifications involve a 17.6kWh battery pack powering a 60kW (81 hp)electric motor with 160Nm of torque, the Smart ed range is limited to a top speed of 80mph. Acceleration figures for the 0-62mph sprint sit at between 11.5 and 12.7 seconds, but short sprints are expected to be rapid considering the car’s low weight and the single gear set-up for the electric powertrain.

Charging times for the zero-tailpipe emission models will see 2.5 hours be enough to charge from 20 per cent to full when connected to a wallbox, or six hours from a three-pin plug. Next year a 22kW fast charger option will become available, reducing that charging time to 45 minutes, all through a Type 2 connector.

Additional features include an Eco mode where the top speed is limited, throttle response deadened and maximum brake energy recuperation pre-selected. This last feature is connected to the car’s radar system and can anticipate the car’s most efficient rate of engine braking – balancing between coasting and regeneration depending on what’s best.

The standard EV extra of the connected app is also available, with pre-conditioning and charging features controllable from a smartphone. The range can also be personalised in a myriad different ways, including the beefy looking Brabus styling programme.

Smart has also pointed out that it is the only manufacturer to offer its entire range with both combustion engines and electric motors, while the fortwo cabrio is the only electric convertible model on the market.

Prices for the new electric Smart models start at 21,940, 25,200, and 22,600 euros for the fortwo, fortwo cabrio, and forfour respectively. UK pricing and specifications are yet to be revealed, but at the time of going to press, 22,000 euros is just short of £19,000. Deliveries in Europe will start in early 2017, though the UK market will have to wait until September 2017 for right hand drive versions.