Wandsworth set for huge EV charge point investment

Source London points powered by clean energy


Source London has partnered with SSE Energy to make sure that EV drivers charging from the network’s points are doing so using 100% clean energy.

The deal means that network users are able to charge in a more sustainable way, and the vehicles total emissions are reduced too. The energy for the Source London points will be sourced only from wind or hydro.

According to government figures, one of the biggest contributors to air pollution is road transport, especially in London where a congestion-charge already exists, and a toxicity-charge is set to come into effect later this year. With the new agreement, Source London is able to help reduce air pollution, while still maintaining its plans to expand the charging network.

Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director of BluepointLondon – the company behind Source London – said: “We are delighted to expand our partnership with SSE, like us, they know that clean energy and clean air are not a luxury but a necessary investment for all of us.

“For the first time, EV users in London will have the guarantee that charging their car will not do more harm than good. We know Source London members have been waiting for this and we hope it will encourage more Londoners to switch to EVs and help us have a true impact on the air we breathe.”

Find Source London EV charge points on Zap-Map, by using the Search by Network filter on the map.