Source London rapid charging supported by ChargePoint Services

Source London rapid charging supported by ChargePoint Services


The companies behind EV charging networks GeniePoint and Source London – ChargePoint Services and BluepointLondon – have formed a partnership to develop the number of rapid chargers for the capital’s network. The agreement will also see cross-network compatibility for customers on each network.

The rapid chargers will be able to recharge an EV in 20-40 minutes, with around 30 new units set to be rolled-out in the first phase by summer 2017. Alongside offering EV drivers rapid charging capability, the points are expected to help commercial EV users with greatly reduced charging times when compared to the existing and expanding fast charge network.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd, said: “Our partnership with Source London demonstrates our increasing reputation as first class providers of accessible, reliable and responsive EV charging across the UK. For the first phase, we aim to have around 30 new Rapid Chargers on line by the summer, helping London improve air quality and reduce emissions with the increased use of both commercial and passenger electric vehicles.”

Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director of BluepointLondon, said: “We are continuously looking at ways to improve Source London for the benefit of our growing community of members and we are very proud to announce our collaboration with ChargePoint Services. Adding Rapid Chargers to our network is essential for some of our members but this is also our very first inter-operability agreement, together Source London and GeniePoint reach 13,000 EV users across the country.”