Source West extends free charge card offer

Source West extends free charge card offer


In just under three months the city of Bristol will taking up the highly prestigious title of ‘European Green Capital’ , the first for a UK city. While some people may think that this is a new conquest, Bristol has been working on its sustainable strategy for a number of years and has managed to secure the lowest CO2 emissions out of all the major cities across the country.

Bristol 2015 European Green Capital casts a spotlight on Bristol’s achievements in sustainability, with Source West composing a component of that strategy. From now until March 2015 using the coveted cloak of Green Capital as the driver, Source West will be endeavouring to expand the existing network to create a network of 219 charge points around the sub-region.

This progression will put it in the running for largest network of charging points in the UK, and will be an ode to sustainable travel across the region.

After recently reaching its threshold of 200 free members, Source West has also released an extra 150 free year memberships for people who live or work in the Source West sub-region. You can sign up for a card on the Source West website.

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