Streamlined EV charge point installation process confirmed

Streamlined EV charge point installation process confirmed


The speed at which new EV charge points can be put in the ground and made live should be far quicker than previously, after the UK’s distribution network operators (DNOs) have committed to creating a standardised process for installations.

The six DNOs have agreed to streamline the process of networks connecting the charge points to the grid, reducing the amount of paperwork required, with the aim of making the whole process digital further down the line.

In response to reports handed to the UK Government recently, barriers that currently exist should be removed or made simpler. A variety of different forms and requirements were required from network installers for different DNOs, notifying them of newly connected points.

There are often reports from Zap-Map users of new charge points installed at a location, but not currently working and as such not on our map. Often, these come in during the time taken to connect the charge point to the required systems on the DNO’s side of procedures.

David Smith, chief executive at the Energy Networks Association, said: “By finding new ways to cut the amount of paperwork, we are making it easier and quicker for EV charge points to connect to the network, helping the public make the switch to cleaner, greener transportation.

“At the same time, we want to ensure that they can access the latest low-carbon heating technologies, such as heat pumps, as easily as possible, to keep their homes warm throughout the year.

“Smart technology and data are vital to ensuring that network companies run the system in a more efficient and capable way. But to do that we need to know where and when charge points and heat pumps are being installed so we can manage the system in the most reliable, flexible way possible.

“The changes announced today (Tuesday 5th February) will make it easier for installers to provide that information whilst helping network operators fulfil their responsibilities to the public.”

Ian Johnston, CEO of rapid charging network Engenie, said: “Today’s announcement represents a significant step forward in simplifying the roll out of rapid EV charging infrastructure. However, it remains just one piece of the EV jigsaw.

“The government in particular is failing to match its own rhetoric to truly embrace the EV revolution. It must show leadership and use consumer policy, clever regulation and significant funding to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, pollutant free transport system.”