SWARCO to launch new ultra-rapid charging network PoGo

SWARCO to launch new ultra-rapid charging network PoGo

Olly Goodall

SWARCO Smart Charging is to launch PoGo, a new nationwide ultra-rapid charging network to help further encourage and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and give new and existing EV owners an enhanced EV driving experience.

Derived from the concept of enabling drivers to ‘Power and Go’, the aim is to build a network of over 2,000 ultra-rapid charging points over the next four years. Its ambition is to identify and create more EV charging locations, as well as significantly improve the availability and reliability of ‘on-the-go’ charging to help power the UK’s journey towards an electric future.

The charging locations will be strategically positioned to be convenient for drivers and with easy access to public amenities, coffee shops, food outlets etc.

“We are leveraging our considerable experience and learnings from the last 12 years to create a new network which will put the EV driver at the very heart of our operations,” said Justin Meyer, Managing Director of SWARCO Smart Charging.

“We know that accelerating the installation of suitable charging infrastructure is needed to support the current and future demands of EV drivers.

“That requires not only the most reliable technology, but also finding the best sites, and having a team with the drive, passion and know-how to deliver an exceptional experience, and support people on their electric journey.”

PoGo’s driver-centric approach will mean each site will have multiple charging options, which will be regularly serviced and maintained by an experienced team of EV-driving engineers. EV drivers will also be supported by a 24/7 highly trained in-house customer support team who can be contacted by phone, email, PoGo’s website or app, as well as PoGo’s social media channels.

The PoGo team is led by Eugenio Herrero, who takes up the position of Executive Director at the new charging network.

“We will be building the PoGo network across the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales so that wherever you are, or wherever you want to go, you will know that you can rely on PoGo,” said Herrero.

“By building a nationwide network of ultra-rapid chargers with full driver support, we hope to encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric.

“We are working closely with landlords to ensure an even spread across the UK so PoGo drivers can travel to each corner of the country through our ultra-rapid offering.”