Tesla Destination Charging points now added to Zap-Map

Tesla Destination Charging points now added to Zap-Map


Zap-Map has added Tesla’s Destination Charging points to its database, rolling out the locations across all platforms. The EV charge point mapping specialists have worked hard to include the new types of charge point after the Tesla Destination Charging network went live in the UK and Europe last month.

Tesla drivers can now use the desktop map and iOS or Android apps to find the new charging points, using the Tesla filter to show the points on the map. Where previously only rapid Supercharger points were shown – indicated by purple icons – now the Destination Charging locations are visible too.

All Destination Charging points are categorised as fast – shown with blue icons on Zap-Map – and the majority are 22 kW units. However, there are also 11 and 7 kW points as part of the network, with points fitted dependent on the local electricity infrastructure. There is the option within Zap-Map to filter the Tesla points by speed too, to allow users to only show the 22 kW units for example.

The Destination Charging network complements the Supercharger set-up, with the new points being slower in speed but in areas that were previously not covered for Tesla drivers. Destination Charging points are available in Cornwall, East Anglia, Wales, the Lake District and Scotland, filling in gaps in the Tesla network.

Points are free of charge to use by Tesla drivers, though because they are typically installed at locations such as hotels, shops, B&Bs and other leisure or tourist destinations, they are intended primarily for patrons. Just like the Supercharge network, no RFID card or app is needed, with the charge point recognising when a Tesla is plugged in. There will be some locations which have generic Type 2 points installed too, for use by other makes, though this won’t be at all destinations.

Updates to the desktop map and free iOS and Android apps have already gone live. If mobile users are not able to see the new points, it is worth checking that the latest version of Zap-Map is installed on the device. As normal; charge points, the Tesla Destination locations can be included in Zap-Chats and with the desktop’s route finder functionality.

Click here to see the new charge points on Zap-Map.com