Tesla opens new Birmingham store and plans more UK superchargers

Tesla launches new resale value guarantee programme


Tesla motors has introduced a new scheme that will allow private owners to sell their Model S back to Tesla at a guaranteed price after three years of their hire purchase.

Through Tesla’s hire purchase programme, the EV manufacturer has promised to buy back Tesla Model S from private customers during the 37th month of the term. Furthermore, they agree to offer 50 percent of the base purchase price of the 60 kWh Model S plus 43 percent of all options, including the upgrade to the 85 kWh battery pack.

The scheme is designed to ease concerns over resale value of an electric vehicle, which is currently difficult to predict considering the market is still in it’s early stages.

Tesla claim that Model S drivers can expect to save about £156 a month on petrol and enjoy additional savings of exemptions from road tax (£19 a month) and London’s congestion charge (£210 a month if commuting daily).

What’s more, Tesla owners are able to enjoy the rapidly expanding network of Superchargers located across the UK. There is now six charging locations in total at Portman Square (London), Canary Wharf (London), Royal Victoria Docks (London), Green park (Reading), Edinburgh Airport (Scotland) and Hyatt Regency (Birmingham).

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