Tesla in process of developing fully-autonomous charger

Tesla in process of developing fully-autonomous charger


Elon Musk has wetted the appetite of Tesla fans and technology enthusiasts around the world with a tweet alluding to his company’s current work to develop a charging point that will automatically connect to an electric car.

Tesla continues to lead the way in the electric car industry and is presently working on a charging system that will not need the driver to leave their car.

Musk teased his twitter fan base with the future devlopment, saying:


This is not the first time Tesla has dealt with autonomous technology; the Tesla P85D was announced as an upgraded version of the Model S in 2014. It can park itself, avoid potential collisions and drive itself from your garage to the front door.

It is gearing up to be a busy 2015 for Mr Musk and Tesla; Supercharger stations are expected to cover most of Europe and the UK by the end of the year and the long-awaited Tesla Model X is also due to be launched.

The Californian-based electric car manufacturer will also hope to make progress with their battery Gigafactory in Nevada and remain ahead of the curve.