Tesla is expanding access to Superchargers

Elon Musk suggests Tesla Superchargers are open to other cars


The Tesla Supercharger network offers rapid chargers to Tesla owners but a recent tweet from CEO Elon Musk suggests these chargers are already open to other electric vehicles. The network features around 20,000 different charging points around the world with many of them able to charge up to 250kW.

Historically, these have been only open to Tesla owners but the tweet from Musk suggests that “low-key” deals have been done to open up this network. The full details of this aren’t clear but this could be big news for non-Tesla EV owners.

Tesla isn’t the only company to install these high-powered rapid chargers, though. The Ultracharge 150 is a 150 kW unit (located in BP forecourts) that delivers around 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. This is creeping up on to Tesla’s third-generation Supercharger, which offers 75 miles in five minutes.

Of course, being able to charge at these speeds completely depends on the vehicle. The car has to support this kind of rapid charging technology.

Tesla has recently announced a fourth-generation Supercharger that can charge up to 350kW.