Tesla to bring Destination Charging to the UK

Tesla to bring Destination Charging to the UK


Tesla has announced that in addition to their growing network of Superchargers, they will also be partnering with hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and resorts so drivers can easily charge at their destination.

The Tesla scheme, under the name “Destination Charging”, already operates a large network across the US, however now they have said they will introduce it in Europe.

The philosophy is simple make charging your Tesla as convenient as possible. The Tesla Supercharger network is on track to cover much of the UK, as they focus on installations at motorway service stations.

The high powered units Superchargers can provide Model S drivers with 150 miles of range in 20 minutes. Although “Destination Charging” points will be much lower in performance they will still provide a handy top up for customers.

Qualified properties will receive their first two Tesla wall connectors free of charge as long as they are installed in visible or convenient locations. For those interested in signing up, contact Tesla here.