Tesla to drop 75D models from line up

Tesla to drop 75D models from line up


Tesla will discontinue its 75 kWh battery versions of the Model S and Model X, which, for the time being at least, means each range will consist of 100D and P100D variants only.

Announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, from Monday (14th January 2018) orders for the Model S 75D and Model X 75D will no longer be taken.

The upshot is a Tesla line-up that boasts an electric driving range of 393 miles and 351 miles for the Model S and Model X respectively – both NEDC figures. It also means that, as of next week, any new Tesle will cost more than £90,000 in the UK.

There is speculation that the removal of one battery option may be to focus resources on a new pack. Whether this is one that is cheaper to manufacturer, or larger still than the 100 kWh version that will remain on sale, is not yet known.

The Tesla line-up regularly evolves with larger batteries becoming available every few years. Zap-Map suspects that the key reason behind the removal of a smaller battery Model S and Model X is to increase space in the model portfolio for the Model 3.

The UK isn’t due to receive the Model 3 until later this year, and prices are yet to be confirmed. However, expectations are that the performance and long-range versions of the Model 3 will cost less than the entry-level Model S for example.

With US quotes of up to 310 miles of range on a single charge for the Model 3 long-range version, that exceeds the 304 mile NEDC range offered by the Model S 75D. Sales of the smaller battery versions of the Model S – and to a lesser degree Model X, due to its more practical nature – are likely to be hit by the Model 3 anyway. Where the US market already has the option of the cheaper car though, Europe has a gap between removal of the cheaper current versions, and deliveries of the Model 3.