Tesla travel for tough 24hr Three Peaks Zero challenge

Tesla travel for tough 24hr Three Peaks Zero challenge


Five teams are set to take on a new EV challenge next month as the Three Peaks Zero begins. Based on the classic Three Peaks Challenge, the difference with the addition of the ‘Zero’ part of the name is that it must be completed in a zero-tailpipe emission electric vehicle.

That makes a tough task even tougher. The Three Peaks pits teams to climb the highest mountains in each of mainland Britain’s countries – Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scarfell Pike in England, and Mount Snowdon in Wales – all in 24 hours. Normally, the support vehicles are fully fueled at the start in Scotland and can travel the route – more than 450 miles – on a single tank, saving time for the climbers.

With this in mind, the teams will have to tackle the climbs faster than usual to allow for recharging the five EVs they will use to get to each mountain. The good news for climbers is that the charging time is minimised because they will complete the event in Teslas.

There are still two scheduled rapid charges at Tesla Superchargers scheduled into the Three Peaks Zero run though, and drivers are hoping that there will be opportunities to plug in and trickle charge while waiting for the climbers to complete each peak.

Still, the Superchargers will return 170 miles or so for half an hour’s charge, which removes at least an hour from the challenge for the climbers, as they wait for the cars to refuel. With a range of around 250 miles, the Tesla Model S’s being used are the best possible cars though.

The reason the challenge has been set up is two fold. Primarily it is to raise money for charity – with Save the Children and the MS Society benefiting – though there is also the intention to prove that EVs can tackle ‘normal’ tasks despite ‘range anxiety’. By completing this tough timed test in Teslas, no tailpipe emissions will have been produced, while also proving that the cars can cover long distances.

More than £4,000 has been raised at time of going to press, though the aim is to reach at least £25,000 for charity. To find out more about the challenge and donate, visit the Three Peaks Zero website.

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