Tesla unveils 250 kW Superchargers

Tesla unveils 250 kW Superchargers


Tesla has launched V3 Supercharging, the third version of its ultra-rapid recharging network with units able to charge at up to 250 kW.

The new capabilities include Supercharger stations with a 1 MW power cabinet, which allows all drivers the ability to charge at full power. Currently, Superchargers are able to charge at 120 kW, though power is halved if another driver is using the neighbouring Supercharger point that shares a power unit.

Tesla is also rolling-out an On-Route Battery Warm-up feature, which manages the battery’s temperature to the optimum range for Supercharging. This does it before arrival, reducing average charge times for owners by as much as 25% on current 120 kW points, and 50% on the new 250 kW units.

The current generation of Superchargers will be unlocked to charge at up to 145 kW for the 12,000+ units already in the ground.

Increases to possible charging speeds will be made available via over-the-air updates, with Model 3 owners in Tesla’s Early Access Programme in San Francisco the first to benefit. Model S and Model X charging speeds will be increased in the coming months.