Top 10 Electric Cars 2022

Top 10 Electric Cars 2022


Electric car sales are soaring, and it’s easy to see why. A combination of low running costs, excellent performance, and easy driving style – plus government legislation – means that electric vehicles (EVs) are tempting ever increasing numbers of buyers.

There are now dozens of excellent EVs available to UK drivers, and approaching 100 different models – not counting model variants. We run through the picks of the bunch, highlighting the best EVs for a variety of budgets and requirements.

Top 10 EVs 2022

Below, Zap-Map has picked the top 10 electric cars on sale in the UK. It’s a considered list and with any luck it will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your new EV.

Fiat 500

top 10 electric cars 2022: fiat 500

Kicking off with the smallest and most affordable car on this list, Fiat’s 500 sees the iconic city car rebooted as a pure-electric model. Available with a choice of two batteries, and slightly varying power outputs, the 500 has a range of almost 200 miles from the longer-range model.

Its compact dimensions have been retained from the previous generation, but the performance is much better, and more suited to urban driving – the 500’s natural habitat.

Tesla Model 3

top 10 electric cars 2022: fiat 500

The best-selling electric car in the UK, Tesla’s Model 3 tops the sales charts for good reason. Offering a combination of long range and performance – from any version – the Model 3 is the affordable entry to Tesla’s line-up.

The longest range available is 360 miles on a charge, but even the standard range model will still cover more than 300 miles. Add in Tesla’s Supercharger network to the mix and it’s easy to see why the Model 3 has proved so popular.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

top 10 electric cars 2022: ford mustang mach-e

Ford has done a great job with its first serious attempt at an electric vehicle, with the sporty SUV managing to live up to the famous Mustang name whilst featuring no engine of any kind. The pick of single or twin electric motors, plus battery options, and a performance model mean choice is excellent.

Range is as high as 379 miles, and Ford’s fitted 150 kW DC charging to the Mustang Mach-e, adding around 70 miles of range in 10 minutes.

Jaguar I-Pace

jaguar i-pace: top 10 electric cars 2022

The Jaguar I-Pace remains one of the best electric vehicles you can buy, combining a near-300 mile range, ultra-rapid charging, and all-wheel drive for an impressive powertrain.

It’s about more than simple stats however, as the I-Pace is a good size – not too large, but not too small – for many buyers, and drives brilliantly. Spacious and practical but also fun and sporty, it’s a tricky combination to pull off, but Jaguar has.

Polestar 2

polestar 2: top 10 electric cars 2022

Polestar might still be a relative newcomer to the market, but the 2 is such a good pick as an executive EV that you can be sure it will stick around. Swedish style shines through, and the Polestar 2 will soon be joined by other pure-EVs in the next year or two.

Until then, EV buyers can pick between three different versions now – expanding from a long-range dual motor option, to adding a single motor version with either standard and long range battery packs. More than 335 miles is the headline figure for the line-up now, but even the standard range model will reach 275 miles before needing a charge.

Volkswagen ID.4

top 10 electric cars 2022: volkswagen id.4

The ID.3 three was heralded as the third chapter in VW’s history, but right now, the ID.4 is the more important model. The family-sized SUV shares much with the ID.3, including battery options, powertrain, platform, and equipment. However, with more space and greater character, it is a more appealing option.

Top figures for the line-up – which is broad – sees 322 miles available, and ultra-rapid DC charging fitted. That said, even the shortest range model will cover more than 200 miles.

Porsche Taycan

top 10 electric cars 2022: porsche taycan

The Porsche Taycan is the best performance EV on the market, offering a driving experience you would expect from the Stuttgart manufacturer. As an electric saloon, it’s pacy, powerful, stylish, and beautifully engineered.

Now also available in Cross Turismo crossover-estate and Sport Turismo estate forms, the saloon remains a top pick for most. Available in five configurations, powered by one of two battery packs, the Porsche can top 300 miles on a charge and ultra-rapid DC charges at more than 200 kW.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

hyundai ioniq 5: top 10 electric cars 2022

Hyundai already offered two excellent EVs before the Ioniq 5 came along, but this is the best of the bunch. Styled just like a concept car, and with a light and airy interior, the Ioniq 5 launches the Ioniq family of cars afresh – this time all electric, and with a huge variety of models.

Hyundai offers two different batteries for buyers and either rear- or all-wheel drive. Thanks to a new architecture, interior space is huge, but it also allows an 800 V system to be installed, allowing for charging at up to 220 kW DC – or a 10%-80% chargers in 18 minutes.

Mini Electric

top 10 electric cars 2022: mini electric

The Mini Electric isn’t the most practical or longest range model around, but it is certainly one of the most fun. Seating is tight for adults in the rear, and that’s after you’ve climbed into the three-door hatch, plus boot space is a squeeze – but if you’re needing a little runabout, there are few better.

It will still achieve 145 miles on a charge, and can be rapid charged for quick top-ups. It’s the classic Mini driving experience that makes the EV so appealing, with electric responsiveness mated to the Mini’s enduring agile handling.

Kia EV6

kia ev6: top 10 electric cars in 2022

Kia has often had the e-Niro feature in this sort of list, but the next-generation EV has arrived, and the EV6 is a superb car – electric or otherwise. Sleekly styled, and with plenty of space, the EV6 is the new flagship in Kia’s plug-in car line-up.

A range of 328 miles is possible, and Kia offers the EV6 in a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive. DC charging can be carried out at more than 200 kW, and you can also power items using a three-pin plug from the car’s battery thanks to Vehicle-to-load (V2L) charging.