Top 10 electric cars due in 2022

Top 10 electric cars due in 2022


The way 2022 is shaping up, it looks set to be a bumper year for electric cars. Low-cost or luxurious, mainstream or niche, the electric vehicles (EVs) already announced for the coming 12 months look set to get pulses racing. And that’s only the ones we currently know about.

Here we round up the most exciting electric cars due out in 2022.

The top 10 electric cars due in 2022

BMW i4

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: bmw i4

BMW’s 3 Series has long been the benchmark executive saloon, so it’s a shame there isn’t an all-electric one. Well, there is now.

In all but name, the i4 is the pure-electric 3 Series the market has been crying out for, with a range of more than 360 miles available on a charge, and an M50 version with 400 kW.


top 10 electric cars due in 2022: bmw ix

While the saloon market is big business for BMW, the SUV market is big business for all manufacturers. As such, BMW’s next challenger comes in the shape of the iX.

With a huge 105 kWh battery available, the BMW iX has a range as high as 390 miles on a charge, with more than 500 hp from twin electric motors ensuring a rapid sprint time.

Mercedes-Benz EQB

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: mercedes-benz eqb

Practical, family-focused EVs have come into the market over the past year, but there’s still a relative lack of seven-seater models. Mercedes Benz looks set to start challenging that issue with the EQB.

Launching with a choice of two power options and one battery size, the Mercedes-Benz EQB has a range as good as 280 miles on a charge.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: mercedes-benz eqe

The E-Class is an important model for Mercedes-Benz – one of its core line-up – so an all-electric one is a big deal. Looks as though Mercedes has recognised this however, as the EQE looks set to pack in the kit.

Sharing the same new infotainment system as the S-Class, the EQE features a 100 kWh battery, good for a range of more than 400 miles on a charge.

Nissan Ariya

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: nissan ariya

As the pioneers of both the electric vehicle and crossover movements, Nissan’s forthcoming Ariya should be a major car for the Japanese manufacturer.

Set to compete against the likes of VW, Skoda, and Ford, the family-sized SUV is set to feature CCS ultra-rapid charging in a first for Nissan, and have a range of more than 300 miles on a charge.

Ora Cat 01

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: ora cat 01

Unknown to many, the Ora brand is coming from EV mega-market China with a view to start taking hold in Europe. And with the Cat 01, it’s got a good chance.

The size of a VW ID.3, the all-electric hatchback has a range of 261 miles on a charge, but will cost just £25,000. Following in MG’s footsteps, Ora looks likely to take a slice of EV sales in the UK.

Renault Megane E-Tech

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: renault megane e-tech

Renault is another manufacturer with a (relatively) long history in EVs thanks to the Zoe. So the next-generation Megane due to arrive as a pure-electric model is big news.

Due to be offered with either a 40 kWh or 60 kWh battery, range will either be 186 or 292 miles on a charge, and potential drivers will also be pleased to know that ultra-rapid charging at up to 130 kW will be supported.

Tesla Model Y

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: tesla model y

It’s been a while coming – as with all Tesla products – but the Model Y is set to get to UK shores in 2022, and will certainly sell well. The Model 3 on which it’s based is already the UK’s best-selling electric vehicle, and the Model Y brings about the more popular SUV shape to proceedings.

Under the surface, the Model Y will be available in the same configurations as the Model 3, which means both Long Range and Performance models at launch – though the Y can also seat seven.

Volkswagen ID.5

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: volkswagen id.5

Coupe-SUVs are the new trend in car sales, so the VW ID.5 will surely perform well. Essentially a sleeker ID.4, the ID.5 has excellent underpinnings on which to have a more svelte shape.

Due to be offered with a range of powertrains, the Volkswagen ID.5 will have a range as good as 323 miles – though cheaper models will come with shorter ranges – and there will also be a performance-focused GTX due.

Volvo C40 Recharge

top 10 electric cars due in 2022: volvo c40 recharge

Following the VW coupe-SUV is Volvo’s take on a fastback-crossover, based on the XC40 SUV. As such, the platform and powertrain is shared with the already popular EV.

This means a range of 275 miles is available from its 78 kWh battery, plus all-wheel drive thanks to a motor on each axle. Performance is sure to be ample for anyone looking at buying one then. Unlike the Volvo XC40, the C40 will only be available as an EV.