Two Nissan LEAF EVs introduced to London Royal Parks fleet

Two Nissan LEAF EVs introduced to London Royal Parks fleet


Business mobility group, Alphabet, has supplied The Royal Parks with two Nissan LEAF electric vehicles to add to their fleet.

Dave Jordan, Assistant Park Manager, said: “Electric cars are ideal for us. They’re quiet and of course they don’t emit any fumes. The Leafs are based in Hyde Park and St James Park, where they are charged overnight. Their range is easily enough to cover journeys to and from the farthest parks we manage, Richmond and Greenwich.”

Royal Parks leased the Nissan LEAFs from Alphabet on five-year, maintenance-inclusive contracts, and insured the vehicles through Aviva..

In addition to the two Nissan Leafs delivered to Royal Parks, Alphabet has delivered over 60 electric vehicles to fleet customers in London in the past six months.

Dave Freeman, Commercial Vehicle Consultant at Alphabet, said: “We’ve seen a surge of interest in electric vans and cars from city-based businesses. People can see that EVs are practical and commercially viable. And of course they project the exactly the right company image at a time of rising public concern about local air quality in our cities.”