UK launch for Uniti One

UK launch for Uniti One


Uniti has launched the One, a compact pure-electric car that will arrive next year with a starting price of £15,100.

That figure includes the £3,500 UK Plug-in Car Grant, which although it is yet to officially receive, is expected to qualify when Uniti One models hit the road.

Offered with a choice of two battery capacities, the Uniti One can cover up to 186 miles on a charge. Recharging can be completed at up to 50 kW DC via the CCS inlet, which will take the One from 20%-80% in seventeen minutes.

The 24 kWh pack fitted to that version is an optional extra, while the standard 12 kWh battery provides a range of 93 miles on a charge. The long ranges considering the compact battery sizes are possible because of the lightweight nature of the Uniti One.

The Swedish company has prioritised efficiency, and as such, the One weighs just 600kg. Power comes from a single 50 kW motor driving the rear wheels. Non-rapid charging is carried out at up to 7 kW when fitted with the optional on-board fast charger.

As you might expect, performance is not a priority, but the One will cover 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 75mph. Efficiency figures are superb however, with a rating of 8.0 kWh /100km expected once fully homologated.

Uniti has selected the Sweden and the UK as the launch markets come the middle of 2020. The ultra-compact model has been designed in Sweden and engineered in Norfolk. Over-the-air updates will see the car improve over time, with new safety features rolled out, and the potential for performance improvements.

Potential customers can put a 50% deposit down now, and should they do so before the 30th November, will join the Founders Club. This will see customers receive over-the-air updates free for life, access to events, offers, and services, and a numbered ‘Founder’ plaque on the car.