Volkswagen ID.4 Pro and ID.5 now available to order in the UK

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro and ID.5 now available to order in the UK


Volkswagen’s ID.5 and ID.5 GTX are now available to order from UK retailers – alongside a new member of the ID.4 line-up: the ID.4 Pro. The two newcomers further diversify the growing ID. model family, with the ID.5 SUV-coupé featuring a combination of qualities as yet unseen on a battery-powered Volkswagen, and the new ID.4 variant lowering the entry price of a 77 kWh battery ID.4 to £41,430 RRP OTR.

As the new flagship of the ID. family, the ID.5 has a striking yet elegant SUV-coupé body style, and an equipment list that leaves little to be added as an optional extra – all the latest innovations and luxuries offered by the brand come together in this newest addition to the Volkswagen line-up.

The ID.5 is available with only the largest battery pack from the Volkswagen line-up – a 77 kWh unit, providing a range of up to 313 miles. With a maximum recharging capacity of 135 kW, the ID.5 has a charge time of as little as 29 minutes to 80% at a rapid charger, or at a rate of six minutes to recharge 62 miles. The new model is available with three power options – 174 PS Pro, 204 PS Pro Performance, and 299 PS GTX.

Expected to take around 15% of ID.5 sales is the ID.5 GTX Max, the second Volkswagen to wear the new GTX badge after the ID.4 GTX. This 299 PS electric performance vehicle provides swifter acceleration thanks to the higher power delivered by its dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The ID.5 GTX is capable of a 112 mph top speed, where permitted, and a 0 to 62 mph sprint time of 6.3 seconds.

Further diversifying Volkswagen’s ID. family is the ID.4 Pro – the new entry point into the ID.4 77 kWh battery. This new variant – which is capable of up to 318 miles between charges, thanks to a 77 kWh battery pack – takes the starting price of the largest battery ID.4 down to £41,430 RRP OTR on the Life specification. The ID.4 Pro sits between the 52 kWh 170 PS Pure Performance, and the 204 PS 77 kWh Pro Performance.

“These new models demonstrate both the flexibility and diversity of the Volkswagen electric SUV range. On the one hand, you have the luxuriously-appointed, big-battery, ID.5 SUV-coupé, and on the other you have the range and efficiency-focused offering that is the ID.4 Pro,” said Francesca McGuinn, ID. Family Product Marketing Manager at Volkswagen UK.

“It’s safe to say that the breadth of the ID. range is already impressive, and with more exciting models on the way, this ground-breaking family of ‘Electric People’s Cars’ is set only to get better.”