Volta Zero revealed

Volta Zero revealed


Volta Trucks has launched the Zero, the world’s first purpose-built pure-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle. With a range of between 95 – 125 miles on a charge, the Volta Zero is targeted at ‘last mile’ deliveries, particularly in urban areas.

Fitted with a battery of between 160 to 200 kWh, the Volta Zero is likely to be built in the UK, with full production due to start in 2022. By the end of 2020, the Swedish firm expects the first prototype to be built, with test vehicles due to start trials with customers early next year.

Designed to be capable of operating in narrow city streets, the Volta Zero aims to undertake the role that three or four 3.5-tonne vehicles would normally do – reducing congestion and emissions.

With a payload of 8,600 kg and an overall volume of 37.7 m3, the Volta Zero is designed to accommodate 16 Euro pallets. A refrigerated cargo box will also be available, which uses the vehicle’s battery for operation.

Sustainable materials are being used, with features such as Flax and biodegradable resin in the construction of body panels. This also reduces weight and increases stiffness over conventional materials, as well as using 75% less CO2 to produce.

Driver assistance systems will help with manoeuvring the Volta Zero in busy streets, and the driver’s cab has been designed with 220-degrees of vision. There are cameras and sensors to cover the remainder.

The driver sits mush lower than in a conventional truck, since they are not placed on top of the engine, improving lower visibility and pedestrian safety.

With 90% fewer mechanical parts than a conventional diesel vehicle, Volta trucks is aiming for the same Total Cost of Ownership, making it easier for businesses to switch to electric vehicles.

Further details and specifications will be announced closer to launch date.