VW launches EV campaign with new platform and charge point

VW launches EV campaign with new platform and charge point


Volkswagen has launched its MEB (modular electric drive) platform, bringing its modular architecture strategy to the electric vehicle market, with the Electric for All campaign.

The manufacturer is pitching the MEB as an important a milestone in the company’s history as the likes of the Beetle and the Golf – a core development that millions will drive.

It’s first use will be in the Volkswagen ID hatch, a Golf-sized pure-electric model that will launch the ID sub-brand. At the same time VW has launched its Volks-Wallbox – an ‘affordable home charging system that makes charging the ID family easy and convenient.’

vw launches ev campaign platform charge point 

Developments reported at the launch include multiple battery/power options for the forthcoming ID, with driving ranges starting at more than 200 miles on a single charge, and a higher-spec version offering around 275 miles. A third, longer-range still model has yet to have its specifications confirmed.

The launch event has showcased the platform with an interior, all ready for full-production. The MEB architecture will ordinarily be rear-wheel drive, with the option for a second motor to be fitted to the front axle too.

It is with this flexibility that VW expects to build millions of models off the one platform – as it does currently with the likes of the MQB architecture, underpinning models such as the Golf, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Octavia, and many others.

vw launches ev campaign platform charge point 

Charging will be available at 7 or 11 kW, and rapid charging on CCS will be capable at up to 125 kW where charge points allow. VW is one of the founding partners of the ultra-rapid Ionity network being built across Europe and the UK. Wireless EV charging will be available too.

Brand Board Member for E-Mobility Thomas Ulbrich said: “We are making optimal use of the possibilities the electric car has to offer and creating massive economies of scale at the same time. Some 10 million vehicles across the Group will be based on this platform in the first wave alone. The MEB is the economic and technological backbone of the electric car for all.”

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