Wandsworth set for huge EV charge point investment

Wandsworth set for huge EV charge point investment


Wandsworth Borough Council has announced that it will install hundreds of new EV charge points for residents and visitors, to help encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the area.

Councillors will be told at a meeting next week that a multi-million boost will be given to those who drive or are looking to drive EVs within the local authority.

At least another 227 EV lamp-post charge points will be offered on request to residents that own or are soon to buy an electric car – improving on-street charging facilities.

Two pilot zones will see the installation of 380 lamp-post charge points – with 149 set for Putney and 231 in Battersea. These will look to gauge local demand and encourage drivers to switch to electric cars. If successful, these pilot schemes will be expanded to other areas.

Complementing the new lamp-post charge points will be another 120 Source London charge points, set to be installed across the borough. That’s on top of the 99 already installed at more than 30 different locations in Wandsworth.

A new e-car club will also be established in Wandsworth, enabling residents to hire an EV by the hour, day, or week. Overall investment is expected to cost the council around £3 million.

The council has stated that the new lamp-post charge points will have no effect on existing parking provision, with no plans to restrict certain spaces next to the lamp-post chargers specifically for EV use. The plans for a significant increase in on-street charge point numbers will look to overcome fears EV drivers might have about a lack of parking with almost blanket coverage in the area.

Transport and environment spokesman for the council, Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We think Wandsworth should be in a league of its own when it comes to helping our residents go electric. By creating such an extensive network of charging points our aim is to remove one of the biggest hurdles facing people when they begin to think about the feasibility of changing from petrol and diesel to electric.

“We know that many of our residents have already embraced this new technology and many more are thinking about it. We want to do all we can to help them make that switch. If we are serious about improving air quality levels in our city then bold and radical steps like this are what’s required.”

As the new charge points are installed, users will be able to find them on Zap-Map. Find existing EV charge points in Wandsworth and elsewhere on Zap-Map desktop and app.