Wireless EV charging trials start in Marlow

Wireless EV charging trials start in Marlow


A project testing the effectiveness of wireless EV charging has kicked-off in Marlow, with Char.gy induction pads installed into the road surface for a new e-car club.

Involving Char.gy, hiyacar, Milton Keynes Council, Buckinghamshire Council, the Open University, IPT Technology, and the London Borough of Redbridge, the trials start in Marlow, but a further nine trials will take pace around Buckinghamshire in the future.

Since few private EVs are fitted with wireless EV charging technology, car sharing firm hiyacar has provided ten Renault Zoe vehicles, fitted with aftermarket systems to allow the cars to charge wirelessly.

Working in a similar manner to wireless phone charging, the induction pads sit beneath a pad fitted to the car, meaning there are no trailing wires, and nothing to plug in. Drivers park over the pad, and the car will start charging.

wireless ev charging trials start marlow

The tests look to showcase the technology as an effective alternative for charging via on-street parking, with drivers renting the EVs involved in the trial invited to provide feedback.

Vehicles on this project are available to hire for £1 per hour or £5 per day (plus insurance). The trial started at the end of September, and will last for 12 months.