World premier for Porsche Taycan

World premier for Porsche Taycan


The Porsche Taycan has been launched, marking the ‘start of a new era’ for the sportscar firm.

Featuring a familiar naming system for Porsche, the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S will be the first models available at launch, with a less powerful version of the pure-electric sports saloon following later this year. The Taycan Cross Turismo crossover estate will arrive at the end of 2020.

Porsche’s flagship Taycan Turbo S will produce up to 560 kW (761hp) in overboost, and the Taycan Turbo’s output is rated at 500 kW (680hp). 0-62mph times are quoted at just 2.8 seconds for the former and 3.2 seconds for the Turbo.

A 93.4 kWh battery allows for driving ranges quoted at 257 miles on a charge for the Turbo S, while the lower-powered Turbo extends that to 279 miles. The top speed for both models is 161mph.

Alongside lengthy driving ranges, the Taycan is set to be the first model on the market that can charge at 800 volts. This allows a maximum charging power of 270 kW from CCS ultra-rapid chargers, and a charging time for a 5 – 80% charge of just 22.5 minutes. Charging at home and in public is possible at up to 11 kW, and repeated ultra-high power rapid charging has been tested thoroughly – exemplified with Porsche’s recent distance record run.

world premier porsche taycan

Porsche reckons the battery’s cells have the highest power density of any electric powertrain on the market, and the two motors pack a punch for their size thanks to the ‘hairpin’ winding of the stator coils. This allows more copper to be fitted, increasing output and torque.

A two-speed transmission has been installed on the rear axle, giving improved acceleration from a standing start, while the second ratio improves efficiency at higher speeds. An efficient brake energy recuperation system is fitted, which again Porsche considers the best on the market. Tests have indicated that around 90% of everyday braking is covered by the motors alone.

The Taycan is the first model from Porsche to offer an entirely leather-free interior. Instead, innovative recycled materials are used to highlight the sustainability of the electric four-seater. Rear occupants have been catered for with ‘foot garages’ – recesses in the battery’s design – installed in the car’s floor – to maximise leg space. Two load spaces are available, with a conventional 366 litre boot complemented by an 81 litre bay under the bonnet.

world premier porsche taycan

The interior is driver-focused, and features a 10.9-inch infotainment screen and an optional passenger display. These combine for a glass band across the dashboard, and all user interfaces have been redesigned for the new Taycan’s systems. Intuitive voice controls, started with ‘Hey Porsche’ are available for users.

Prices start at £115,850 for the Taycan Turbo and £138,826 for the Taycan Turbo S. Order books are open, with deliveries expected from January 2020, and prices exclude the Plug-in Car Grant as the Taycan has yet to receive approval. As a pure-electric model, it is a certainty to gain the £3,500 discount under current regulations.

Buyers will receive three year’s access to the Ionity ultra-rapid pan-European network and the Porsche charging Service, which will allow roaming access to a number of different networks. Costs will then be billed via a single invoice to the owner’s My Porsche account.