York begins building its first charging hubs 

York begins building its first charging hubs 


EvoEnergy will build two HyperHubs in York at the Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar Park and Rides. The two sites are a City of York Council investment into high-speed electric vehicle charging. These hubs will cost a total of £2.2m with construction starting in February 2021.

Each HyperHub site will consist of solar PV canopies powering eight chargers. There will be four 50kw rapid chargers and four 150kw ultra rapids. With increasing battery capacities and charging speed capabilities on new electric vehicles, this range of chargers means people will be to charge quickly and easily. 

In order to reduce emissions and improve air quality around the region, the City of York Council approached EvoEnergy to design and install the HyperHubs. In addition to generating low carbon electricity through the solar canopies, any further electricity from the grid will be from renewable sources. The city of York Council hopes this will not only help to reduce tailpipe emissions by encouraging more people to use electric cars but will also ensure no further emissions are generated in powering them. 

In addition to the solar canopies that will generate energy for the charging stations, both sites will feature battery storage (348kW / 507kWh), too. This means that the council will be able to store energy generated during the day. 

Senior design engineer on the project at EvoEnergy Jonathan Roper said: “We are proud to have been awarded these challenging multifaceted projects. They combine the full range of EvoEnergy’s technology offering, and it is a pleasure working with a future-looking organisation such as the City of York Council.”  

This comes just at a time when the nation prepares to transition across to using electric vehicles with the announcement of a complete ban on sales of new petrol or diesel cars by 2030, with plug-in hybrid sales to end in 2035.