Zap-Map App half price to celebrate Green Transport week

Zap-Map App half price to celebrate Green Transport week


To mark the UK’s Green Transport Week 2015, the Zap-Map app will be discounted by more than 50% for a limited period.

Announcing today’s offer, Ben Lane, founding director at said: “With over 30,000 electric cars and vans now registered in the UK, we wanted to celebrate the ongoing EV revolution during Green Transport Week.

“To highlight the important role EVs have to play in reducing CO2 and improving air quality, we have reduced the price on our market leading iOS and Android apps which help EV drivers locate suitable charging locations nationwide.”

The Zap-Map App offers much of the functionality available on Zap-Map live, showing over 3,000 charging locations and 8,000 charging points but in addition offers some specific features and benefits:

Optimised for mobile phone: Users can view a full screen map with an intuitive user interface and fast data retrieval. The Zap-Map App can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and there are no adverts.

Enhanced filtering capability: Users can filter map and list results by any combination of charge point type and connectors. Users can also select an EV model to only view charge points compatible with their EV and then further filter the charge points as required.

Offline mode: Users can view charge point list and local area map even when no data connection.

Feedback, comment and share charge point details: Users can ‘favourite’ a point, share details via email or social media, and add comments which are moderated and the database updated as appropriate. Integrated cross-platform information will be available in Zap-Map App 2.0 to be launched later this year

The iOS version of the Zap-Map App is available to download from the official Apple App Store with an Android version available on Google Play. From 16th to 30th June 2015, the Zap-Map App iOS version is priced at £2.29 (inc VAT) and the Android version priced at £1.49 (inc VAT).

For more information about the Zap-Map App visit: