Zapmap user survey reveals top 10 EV charging networks

Zapmap user survey reveals top 10 EV charging networks


The first results of Zapmap’s 2019 EV Charging Survey published today reveals the top 10 UK charging networks and the factors that make for high user satisfaction.

Zapmap’s survey panel of more than 1,600 users awarded satisfaction ratings for more than 26 UK networks visited by Zapmap users. Using a satisfaction score (0-100) based on these user ratings, the top 10 networks identified are:

#1: Tesla Supercharger (94)

#2: InstaVolt (86)

#3: Pod Point (79)

#4: NewMotion (77)

#5: (joint) Polar / Shell Recharge (73)

#7. ChargePlace Scotland (72)

#8. (joint) Engenie / GMEV (70)

#10. GeniePoint (69)

Topping the ranking in 2019, more than 86% of drivers using Tesla Superchargers report being ‘very satisfied’ and 10% ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the experience. Tesla continues to set the gold-standard for the EV charging experience with its low charging costs (free for early adopters), reliability and national coverage.

Retaining second place for the second year running, InstaVolt leads the ranking within the wider rapid-charging market, with 64% ‘very satisfied’ and 24% ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the charging experience, respondents citing ease-of-use and contactless payments among the most positive aspects of the service.

Third on the podium is Pod Point, whose UK-wide network includes slow, fast and rapid charge devices. As the third most used network within the survey sample, 45% are ‘very satisfied’ and 37% ‘somewhat satisfied’ when charging their EV on one of Pod Point’s units, with many users noting their simple-to-use operation.

While Tesla continues to lead from the front, their overall ratings slipped slightly compared to last year with a 6% fall in users reporting being ‘very satisfied’. This may be a reflection of the loss of free charging for many Tesla owners and increasing pressure on the Supercharger network as the size of the Tesla fleet continues to rise. Similarly, the percentage in Pod Point’s highest category fell by 5% – although their combined ‘satisfaction’ rating stayed level at 82%.

As the largest UK network, Polar (BP Chargemaster) maintains its strong satisfaction ranking in joint fifth place with 72% of users being ‘satisfied’, a reflection of its well-maintained national rapid and non-rapid service. While much smaller in its extent, Shell Recharge, which is rolling out rapid units on station forecourts, appears for the first time within the satisfaction rankings sharing fifth place.

zap map user survey reveals top 10 ev charging networks

The Zapmap survey panel was also asked to rank four key issues related to EV charging on the public network. The results reveal that EV users rank ‘reliability’ as the overriding consideration, with ‘speed’ a secondary factor. Charging cost is deemed to be relatively less important as are facilities available at a charging location.

Commenting on the survey, Dr Ben Lane, CTO and Joint MD at Zapmap, said: “EV drivers are very clear as to what makes for a good charging experience with ‘reliability’ being the number one priority. EV users need to be able to access the whole of the UK network with confidence that the installed chargers will be working and available as advertised.

“EV drivers are increasingly savvy about the different levels of service offered by each of the UK’s charging networks and will change their driving routes to use those which offer the best service. This suggests that the market is becoming highly competitive with EV users happy to pay for quality, but avoiding networks which fail to provide a good charging experience.”

zap map user survey reveals top 10 ev charging networks

In addition to the results of the satisfaction survey, Zapmap data reveals that the reliability of the UK network, taken as a whole, is continuing to improve. While data from July 2018 showed that 8.5% of devices were out-of-service (including 1.1% partially operational), this has now reduced to 5.8% (1.9% partially), a reflection of the ongoing investment by UK networks in new charging infrastructure.

The results of the 2019 Zapmap EV Charging Survey will be published in full in mid-September. Details about the forthcoming publication will appear on the Zapmap website.