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This page contains information on Zap-Map’s Data licensing Definitions: “Zap-Map” refers to “Next Green Car Ltd”, and is a registered trademark owned by “Next Green Car Ltd”; the “Zap-Map Website” and “the Website” refers to the website URL:; the “Zap-Map Applications” and “the Applications” refers to the iOS/Android applications and related applications (including all Zap-Map APIs); “Users” refers to contributors and/or users of the information published on the Website and the Applications.

This licensing information should be read in conjunction with the Privacy and Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions.

1. Zap-Map Database

The Zap-Map Database of electric car charging points is sourced both in-house and from a number of external public sources and contributors (see below).

Once sourced, the data is modified or adapted before inclusion in the Zap-Map Database. These modifications and/or adaptations include changes to the data content (in order to improve quality and coverage) and the data structure (in order to improve the efficiency of the Zap-Map Applications.)

Following modifications and adaptations of the original sources, the data then forms the Zap-Map Database which is covered by sui generis database rights and copyright (© 2013-2016 Next Green Car Ltd, All Rights Reserved).

With the exception of data sourced under a Creative Commons Share-Alike licences (see Section 4), the database rights will be infringed by any person who, without consent, extracts or re-utilises all or a substantial part of the contents of the database without the express written permission of Zap-Map.

In addition to ‘date added’ or ‘date updated’ information, where relevant and/or required by licence agreements, the records in the Zap-Map Database are attributed by the inclusion of the data source, licence type and a modification date.

Depending on its originating source, the datasets used to populate the Zap-Map Database are sourced under the following data license conditions:

2. National Charge Point Registry (NCR)
Data sourced from the National Charge Point Registry is obtained under the Open Government Licence v3.0, which is also compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. Following modifications and adaptations to the original source, the data then forms the Zap-Map Database (see Section 1).

3. Zap-Map data contributors

Additional data from Zap-Map contributors is provided where contributors have created that content, or have received permission from, or are authorised by, the owner of any part of the content to submit it to the Zap-Map Database. Following modifications and adaptations to the original source, the data then forms the Zap-Map Database (see Section 1). For information on contributor ‘data’ and ‘comments’ see Zap-Map’s Terms and Conditions.

4. Open Charge Map (OCM)

Creative Commons LicenseData sourced from Open Charge Map is provided, with some exceptions, under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public Licence which allows use and sharing of information subject to appropriate attribution. Click here for full OCM data licensing terms and conditions. Even after any modifications and/or adaptations to the original source, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License continues to apply.

For more information about data licensing issues, please contact Zap-Map about licensing.

For information about licensing a UK mapping API powered by the Zap-Map database, please contact Zap-Map about licensing the Zap-Map API.

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