Engie network guide

engie ev charging network guide

Established in West Yorkshire – but due to expand nationally – the Engie EV charging network offers drivers access to fast and rapid units.

Having acquired the network in 2019, Engie’s systems are built on GeniePoint’s back-office, meaning the same access requirements apply. Customers use Engie on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no membership costs, and access is via web app or RFID card.

How much does the Engie network cost?


Membership cost: Free to register

Free web app – £9 fee for RFID card

Cost per charge:
Free until October 2021.

To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from an Engie charge point – when costs come into force – head to Zap-Map’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results.

How to use the Engie network

engie access

Access to Engie units is made via either RFID card or the web app. All units can be accessed via the web app which is free and accessible from a standard web browser, with a one off cost for the RFID card, or free linking of an existing card. Bank account details are required to create an account, though will not be charged while the units are on free vend.

Finding Engie on Zap-Map

engie filters

All Engie charge points can be found on Zap-Map by using the network filter. This can be used on the desktop and mobile apps, and displays only those points available to use by Engie customers.

Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.


About Engie

The Engie network has been set up by energy and services firm Engie, part of the French-based Engie Group. It has agreed a deal with the West Yorkshire local authority to install charge points in the region, and will also expand the network further afield.