Woman charging her EV on a public charger

Public EV charging networks UK

An overview of some of the main public charging networks in the UK, with links through to individual network guides

With the UK's public electric vehicle charging network expanding rapidly, there are quite a number of EV charging networks across the country. Some are brand new and others well established, with some networks offering national coverage while others provide charging in a specific region.

Most networks offer a mix of slow, fast and rapid charging options – but you will also come across networks focusing solely on ultra-rapid charging, for example, or slower charging provision on residential streets.

Where possible, EV drivers opt for charging at home or even charging at work. However, public networks provide invaluable charging support for drivers on longer electric journeys or without access to a home charger.

This guide provides an overview of the UK’s main public EV charging networks, with links through to in-depth network guides. Each guide provides details of the network operator, any cross-network agreements, the network’s charger locations and access methods, and any fees that may apply.


Public EV charging networks in the UK

We've split these public EV charging networks into three broad categories: 'en-route' networks, 'destination' charging networks and 'on-street & community' networks.

Zap-Pay partner networks are indicated with an icon on their respective logos. These networks are signed up with Zap-Pay enabled public EV charge points. This means Zapmap users are able to search, plan and pay for charging on these networks all from within the Zapmap app.

Networks which are part of our Live data network also display an icon on their respective logos. Updated in real time, network with live data show a blue marker around charge point icons when the charger is in use.


En-route charging networks

Below you'll find individual guides for some of the major en-route charging networks across the UK.

Destination charging networks

Below you'll find individual guides for some of the major destination charging networks across the UK.

On-street & community charging networks

Below you'll find individual guides for some of the major on-street charging networks across the UK.

UK EV charging networks: Coverage and costs

To find which public EV charging networks cover your area, go to Zapmap’s live map and use the network filter to select networks from the list provided.

To find the cost to charge an EV on a public charge point, Zapmap’s Public Charging Calculator calculates charging costs for any new or used plug-in vehicle. You can personalise the results for different electricity costs and the level of charge required.