Plug-N-Go network guide

plug-n-go ev charging network guide

With EV charge points available in East Anglia, the Channel Islands, the South West, and the Midlands, Plug-N-Go provides charge points at destinations, accessible via the network’s app or RFID fob.

Plug-N-Go network costs


Membership cost: None

Cost per charge: 50p connection fee + 36p /kWh

To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from an Plug-N-Go charge point, head to Zap-Map’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results.

Plug-N-Go network access

plug-n-go access

Access to the Plug-N-Go network is made via the network’s smartphone app or RFID fob. Payment is then taken from a credit or debit card linked to the customer’s account after the charging session is complete.

Finding Plug-N-Go points on Zap-Map

plug-n-go filters

All Plug-N-Go points can be found on Zap-Map by using the network filter. This can be used on the desktop and mobile apps, and displays only those points operated by Plug-N-Go.

Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.


About Plug-N-Go

Plug-N-Go was set up to meet the increasing charging needs of electric vehicle drivers across the UK. Points on the UK mainland are backed by 100% renewable electricity, and the network is expanding with infrastructure nationwide.