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Guide to electric vehicles 2024

Everything you need to know about electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly commonplace, but can still create questions no matter how much research you’ve carried out. From explaining EV basics to in-depth guides, the pages in this electric vehicles guide will cover everything you need to know when looking at and owning an EV – be it car, van or motorcycle.


EVs explained


Our guide to electric vehicles, covering the basics for anyone wanting to find out more about EVs. We look at pure-EVs and PHEVs, explaining the pros & cons of each.

EVs explained


EV benefits

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Electric vehicles provide a number of benefits over conventional petrol and diesel models. Cheaper running costs, a responsive drive, and high-tech vehicles are just some of the features EVs offer.

EV Benefits


EV buying guide

Nissan ARIYA

There are a large number of EVs available to buyers, with many more on their way. Here we explain what you should look at when deciding on an EV, such as considering driving range, price and charging.

EV buying guide


EV charging guides

A couple charging their EV in a hub

We’ve created a number of EV charging guides for the UK’s best-selling electric vehicles. The guides cover all aspects of charging an EV, including vehicle range, charging inlets, times, costs and how to charge each model.

EV charging guides


EV subscription services

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From subscribing to an electric car to leasing or renting one, this guide provides an overview of some the best ways to find an electric vehicle that works for you.

EV subscription


EV salary sacrifice

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This guide provides an overview of electric car salary sacrifice schemes, plus what EV salary sacrifice entails, how it works, and what the benefits are for both employees and employers.

EV salary sacrifice


Top 10 best value EVs


There are many different ways to look at value-for-money, but this guide tells you how much it costs to buy a mile of range in an EV. We rank EVs available in the UK by comparing official range with purchase price.

Best value EVs


Electric vans

electric lcvs

The electric van market has expanded rapidly, with a large selection of pure-EV models available. Having long been ideal for ‘last-mile’ deliveries, improving ranges and increased payloads mean electric vans will now suit a number of businesses.

Electric vans


Electric motorcycles

electric motorbikes

Electric motorbikes offer many of the benefits of conventional motorcycles, but are simpler to ride, easy to charge, and offer a good range for most uses. Our guide lets you know what to look out for, and which electric motorcycles are available on our map filters.

Electric motorcycles


EV insurance

electric car insurance

Car, van, and motorcycle insurance is essential – no matter whether they are electric or not. Here we explain the differences and similarities of vehicle insurance, looking at what you need to consider with an EV.

Electric Car Insurance



Man charging EV

Covering your frequently asked questions about electric vehicles, including how they drive, what benefits they bring, and what costs they come with.