Mazda MX-30 first drive

Mazda MX-30 first drive

Zap-Map verdict: ”Stylish, efficient, and surprisingly practical, the Mazda MX-30 is an electric crossover that’s good to drive.”

mazda mx 30 drive

  • OTR: £32,045
  • Category: Crossover
  • Tax: £0 VED – 0% BIK
  • Cost to charge: £5.70
  • Emissions: 0 g/km CO2
  • Cost per mile of range: £258

Mazda MX-30: Range & charging

mazda mx 30 drive

A compact battery means shorter range, but also shorter charging times and greater efficiency. The official range will put some buyers off, but that would be a shame as it will more than cope with the daily mileage of most

There is one configuration available:

    • ● Mazda MX-30 – 107 kW – 35.5 kWh – 124 miles


The official WLTP driving range for the Mazda MX-30 is 124 miles on a charge. It’s not a lot considering there are similarly size crossovers such as the Hyundai Kona Electric that can cover around 300 miles on a charge. Instead, the MX-30 challenges other shorter-range EVs such as the Mini Electric and Honda e.

With a smaller battery comes less weight and greater efficiency. As such, it was easy to believe the 124 mile range during our initial test. With 116 miles shown on the dashboard at 99% charge, the MX-30 covered 58 miles and still had 60 displayed. The battery percentage corroborated this calculation as well, so accuracy seems to be a strength.


There are five levels of brake energy recuperation, with ‘D’ placed in the middle of the range. Drivers can head ‘up’ once or twice to coast more, or ‘down’ once or twice for stronger brake regen. The strongest level will almost bring the car to a stop. It’s a flexible and useful system to have, no-doubt improving efficiency further when used correctly.


The Mazda MX-30 has a 6.6 kW on-board charger fitted, with Type 2 charging and CCS for DC. The latter can accept charge at up to 40 kW, with a 10-80% charge time of 36 minutes on CCS DC units, or around five hours on a 7 kW AC charge point.


Mazda’s MX-30 on the road

mazda mx 30 drive

With just over 100 kW powering the front wheels, the MX-30 isn’t quick, but it’s not a slouch either. The 0-62mph time of just under 10 seconds attests to this, and there is plenty of performance for daily use.

What’s the Mazda MX-30 like to drive?

On the open road, the Mazda drives very nicely, though with softer suspension than I had first anticipated. This makes things more comfortable for occupants, but means it lacks the same dynamism of its core rivals, the Mini Electric and Honda e.

Mazda MX-30: Comfort & Practicality

mazda mx 30 drive

Although a compact crossover, the MX-30 is quite practical – enough for a young family, for example. The half-sized rear-hinged back doors allow for easy access to the rear, where there is enough space for a couple of averagely sized adults to sit. Leg room isn’t copious, but it is enough, and the same can be said for the head room.

Design and functionality

Mazda’s design works well on the MX-30, with the crossover a stylish thing to look at. It’s also nice inside, with recycled materials used extensively, including plastics and textiles, plus cork lining made from off-cuts. The controls feel somewhere between mid-market and premium, and work nicely, with a touchscreen system for the heating controls adding a touch of class to the cabin.


Mazda MX-30: Tech & Specifications

mazda mx 30 drive

There are three core trim levels available, and an additional launch version – First Edition. Included as standard are:

  1. Reversing camera and parking sensors front and rear
  2. Head-up display
  3. 8.8-inch infotainment system with navigation, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth, DAB, & USB
  4. Automatic LED headlights and wipers
  5. Keyless entry and start
  6. Electronic G-Vectoring Control Plus control system
  7. MyMazda connected services
  8. Suite of safety systems

Despite being ‘hampered’ with a short range, the Mazda MX-30 in fact presents a case for getting things ‘just right’. Most drivers won’t need a longer range on a charge, and with a smaller battery, the MX-30 takes less time to top up than many rivals. A stylish electric crossover that rides well and has a lovely interior, the Mazda MX-30 is a strong contender in its class.

And how much is the road tax on a Mazda MX-30? Use our Car Tax Calculator to find out.


The Mazda MX-30’s rivals


Hyundai Kona Electric A significantly longer range available, but less space in the rear, the Kona Electric remains a top EV.


Mini Electric Similar range to the Mazda, and more fun to drive. It’s cramped in the back seats and access is worse than the MX-30.


Honda e Another EV with a short range, but well suited to its purpose. Stylish, tech-laden, and ideal for built-up roads, it’s a great small EV.

All information above correct at time of publication. Official economy figures, pricing, and tax rates supplied by the manufacturer. Cost to charge based on 0-100% charge at home on a tariff of 16 p/kWh.