MG5 EV review

MG5 EV review

Zapmap verdict: ”An electric estate. The only other big-booted non-SUV EV estate is the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, which costs rather more than the affordable MG5 EV.”

mg5 ev review

  • OTR: £25,095
  • Category: Estate
  • Tax: £0 VED – 0% BIK
  • Cost to charge: £8.40
  • Emissions: 0 g/km CO2
  • Cost per mile of range: £117

MG5 EV: Range & charging

mg5 ev review

The MG5 EV has much in common with its MG stable-mate – the ZS EV – but has a larger battery for a longer range. With more than 200 miles available on a charge, the MG5 EV is rapid charge capable.

There is one configuration available:

    • ● MG5 EV – 115 kW – 52.5 kWh – 214 miles


The official WLTP driving range for the MG5 EV is 214 miles on a charge, which is aided by three brake energy recuperation levels and three driving modes.

In real-world driving, the model tested saw a calculated average range on a charge of 207 miles, which is very close to the official figure. That’s over a mixture of roads and routes, but even a faster stint for more than 160 miles with mainly motorway or fast A-roads still saw the MG5 EV achieve more than 190 miles on a charge.


There are three brake energy recuperation levels available, accessed via a rocker switch on the centre console. It’s easy to switch between them, but perhaps a bit more space between the three braking strengths would see the MG5 EV be more efficient still. Level 3 will provide heavy braking, but not enough to bring the car to a stop, whilst 1 could coast more, but on the whole the system works very well.


Charging is possible at up to 7 kW AC and 50 kW DC, thanks to a Type 2 CCS inlet found at the front of the car behind the MG logo. Charging times are around 8.5 hours for a full charge on a 7 kW unit, and about 50 minutes for a charge to 80% in a 50+ kW rapid charger.


The MG5 EV on the road

mg5 ev review

Performance is brisk, if not rapid, but the MG5 EV has plenty available for the driver and their right foot. A 0-62 mph time of 7.7 seconds is possible, as is a top speed of 115 mph. Power goes to the front wheels, with the motor producing 156 hp and 260 Nm of torque.

What’s the MG5 EV like to drive?

There is a surprising amount of feedback through the steering wheel from the MG5 EV, which makes it more enjoyable to drive than you might first consider. There is a fair amount of body roll in the corners, but not an excessive amount, and it makes for a more comfortable car in town and on the motorway. In fact, the length of the wheelbase and the suspension set-up means the MG5 EV is an accomplished motorway cruiser, but the MG is most at home around town.

MG5 EV: Comfort & Practicality

mg5 ev review

As hinted at above, the suspension is set to ‘comfort’, meaning the MG5 EV is a relaxing car to drive, particularly with no gears to worry about. It’s simple, easy, and able to soak up some punishment over poorly surfaced roads without getting to wallowy along the way. It’s not a particularly refined set-up, but it does a decent job all-round.

Design and functionality

The cabin matches the driving ethos, with no real refinement, but plenty of equipment meaning MG5 EV owners won’t feel short changed. At such a price point, there has to be some compromise, and MG has focused on a large battery which is a sensible approach. As such, the switchgear feels somewhat cheap, but should at least be well put together if the seven year warranty is anything to go by. Not a class leader in this example, but put a bit of snobbery aside and the MG5 EV proves ‘good enough’.


MG5 EV: Tech & Specifications

mg5 ev review

There are two trim levels available – Excite and Exclusive. The entry level trim comes with all of what a buyer might ‘need’, and in fact there’s not too much to separate the two levels. Fitted as standard are:

  1. Eight-inch touchscreen navigation system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  2. Seven-inch digital instrument panel
  3. 16-inch alloys
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Cruise control
  6. Three-level brake energy recuperation and driving modes
  7. Keyless start
  8. Rear parking camera

The MG5 EV might have no direct competitors, but even if it did, I doubt any would be priced to match the MG. Featuring a very useful range – one that can easily top 200 miles on a charge in real-world conditions – and a practical interior, the MG5 EV is a sensible choice for those looking at a family workhorse. Not the most refined or luxurious model available, but excellent value for money.

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All information above correct at time of publication. Official economy figures, pricing, and tax rates supplied by the manufacturer. Cost to charge based on 0-100% charge at home on a tariff of 16 p/kWh.