2,500th LEVC TX electric cab produced

2,500th LEVC TX electric cab produced


The 2,500th LEVC TX has rolled off production lines in Coventry, and the popular electric taxi now makes up 10% of London’s black cab market. Around 2,000 of the total TX figure are operated in the capital.

Although also available in 19 other cities across the UK – including Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester – London was the TX’s launch city and the home of the iconic black cab. LEVC has sold TX models overseas too, including countries such as Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

LEVC calculates that the range-extended 2,500 cabs have already prevented 6,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and NOx emissions are cut by 99.5% compared to its diesel-powered predecessor. The TX has transported 13 million passengers more than 21 million miles since launch in January 2018.

With an electric-only range on a single charge of 80 miles, and a small petrol engine acting as an on-board generator, the TX has saved 850,000 litres of fuel from being used, and saved cabbies £3.85 million in total – around £100 per week for each driver compared to those running the old diesel cab.

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