ABB introduces enhanced high-power electric vehicle charger

ABB introduces enhanced high-power electric vehicle charger


Global technology company ABB has introduced the third generation of its Terra HP (High Power) charger. The new charger is the further development of the second-generation Terra HP, which has over 2,500 installations to date.

The third generation is supposed to be a classic further development of the current Terra HP. Among other things, the new HPC charger is said to distinguish itself by being quieter even when charging. ABB says the cable management has been improved, and the 5.3-metre-long cables can now be rolled up automatically. Building on its global e-mobility experience across more than 85 markets, ABB has developed this newest version for the evolving and rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Frank Muehlon, President of ABB’s E-mobility Division, said:

“With over 2,500 installations of our 2nd generation Terra HP so far, the next evolution of the Terra HP charger will continue to serve customers today with the capability to meet future demands. The further development of the top-selling Terra HP charger displays ABB’s commitment to continuously pioneer and deliver innovative technologies that will advance the future of sustainable transportation.”

The Terra HP offers several optional payment solutions, Dynamic DC power sharing to optimise use of charging assets and site management solutions to enable future growth while enhancing grid optimisation costs.

Visually, the Gen III resembles the second generation. With its LED lights in the recess, the nearly 2.50-metre-high column is designed to make it easier to find in a large car park. It is also intended to illuminate the charging point at night.

The new third generation can charge one electric vehicle at up to 350 kW, or two electric vehicles simultaneously at up to 175 kW. However, the charging line of 350 kW (or 2×175 kW) only applies to the version with two CCS connections. On the version with one CCS cable and one CHAdeMO port, the CHAdeMO port is limited to 100 kW. ABB considers the Terra HP to be well-positioned for all current electric cars and the coming generation.

The charging column itself weighs 220 kilograms, while the associated power cabinet with the installed power modules weighs 1.34 tonnes. According to ABB, the housings of both components are distinguished by their vandalism-proof design.

Operators will not only be able to customise the housing and the colours of the LEDs. According to the Swiss-Swedish company, they will also benefit from numerous possible payment methods and the modularity of the Terra HP.