Chargemaster records 1,000,000th electric vehicle charge in the UK

Chargemaster plans to replace faulty chargers for free as part of POLAR expansion


Chargemaster, the largest operator of electric vehicle charging points in the UK, has announced significant expansion in its POLAR charging point network.

In the multimillion pound investment, Chargemaster will be installing over 2,000 new points across the country to join the existing 4,000 POLAR points.

The growth intends to resolve the significant issues across London and other parts of the UK where many old third-party charging points installed under the government Plugged in Places scheme have been unserviceable for some time.

As a result, Chargemaster is making an open offer to local authorities to replace these publicly available units free of charge to enable the nation’s infrastructure to be upgraded.

The move includes the installation of over 1,000 charge points in London, some of which will replace old charging stations supplied by 3rd parties, where there has been substantial criticism of out-of-order charge points operated by Source London.

Around 600 points will be entirely new locations, with a focus on destinations such as hotels, supermarkets and health clubs.

In addition to the new 1000 Chargemaster charging points, the company will transfer more than 300 hundred existing charging points from the Source London network later this year. Originally installed by Chargemaster, they are currently controlled by Bolloré. These charging points will form POLAR London and become fully integrated within the UK POLAR network.

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, commented: “Chargemaster is committed to making electric vehicles a viable option to people across the UK, and this latest move solidifies that intention. By growing our network nationwide, but also focusing on traditionally poor areas of service, such as London, we are confident we will make a marked difference for EV owners wanting to charge on the move”.

“100% serviceability of charging points is crucial and Chargemaster’s programme will help ensure that motorists in London and elsewhere will see a clear improvement of availability.”