Ealing Council rolls out 130 charge points across the borough

Ealing Council rolls out 130 charge points across the borough


More than 130 new electric vehicle (EV) charging points have been secured for local people across the borough of Ealing in West London, as part of Ealing Council’s programme to combat the climate crisis, improve air quality and boost sustainable transport for residents.

It means that there are now more than 300 EV charging points currently in use across the borough, giving local drivers easy access to cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways of getting around.

Since May, 130 charge points have been rolled out, with another 170 on their way early in 2023. They are a combination of fast chargers and lamp column sockets, designed for used easy use.

“Our rapidly expanding network of EVCPs means all residents will be within 10 minutes’ walk from a charging point. More electric cars on local roads in place of petrol and diesel vehicles also mean lower emissions and cleaner air,” said Councillor Deirdre Costigan, Cabinet Member for Climate Action, who visited one of the new fast chargers in Ealing earlier this month along with Councillor Peter Mason, Leader of Ealing Council.

“Switching to an electric vehicle could be great for your bank balance as well as the planet. Running costs are far lower than traditional cars, and electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge and ultra-low emission zone schemes.”

The two Councillors were visiting to celebrate a new partnership with specialist provider Liberty Charge, which is supporting the council to roll out charge points across local streets.

“It was great to meet with Liberty Charge, celebrate our new partnership and get a first-hand look at one of our new charger sockets. This is just the beginning, we are committed to working together to boost the number of charging points across the borough as we strive to achieve net zero in carbon emissions for the borough by 2030,” said Councillor Peter Mason.

“We want to rapidly expand the number of accessible charge points for those without a driveway or home charging option. It is vital that local people are given a say in where these chargers are being installed which is why have a further 216 EV charging sockets due for consultation in early 2023.”

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Running costs are far lower for EVs than traditional cars.

Neil Isaacson, CEO of Liberty Charge, added: “We’re really proud to partner with Ealing Council, offering a solution that comes at no cost to the taxpayer to make charging an EV accessible to everyone in the borough,”

“Collaboration with the council and residents is paramount to securing the right chargers at the right speed in the right place – so the borough enjoys full EV charging optimisation.”