UK rapid chargers on the rise

Ecotricity and Rolec launch Fully Charged Bundle


Ecotricity and Rolec EV have launche a new package of benefits for EV drivers, which covers all aspects of plug-in vehicle charging.

Called the Fully Charged Bundle, Ecotricity and Rolec EV offer a new green electricity and EV tariff for home energy customers, a fully installed home charge point, and a reduction in the cost of using the Electric Highway’s rapid charger network.

As of 3rd January 2018, Ecotricity will remove the £3 connection fee from it’s Electric Highway rapid chargers. This means that it will cost a flat rate of 30p per kW for standard users, with Ecotricity customers benefiting from half price charging at 15p per kW.

This will see slightly cheaper costs in general for a full rapid charge, but will be of a big benefit for those who just want a quick top up. For example, whereas before 10kW of electricity would have cost £4.70 – £3 connection fee and 10 x 17 p/kw – it will now cost £3, or £1.50 for Ecotricity customers.

Those on the new Green Electricity + EV tariff from Ecotricity are expected to save around £50 a year for the average user in terms of public rapid charging.

The tariff has been designed with the fact that EV drivers tend to use more power than the average household. As such, the new pricing will save the average EV household around £120 a year compared to a Big Six standard tariff. According to Ecotricity, it’s the lowest cost electric vehicle tariff on the market. Added to the bundle is a fully-installed Rolec EV charge home charge point for £99, saving customers on the new tariff around £180.

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, said: “We’ve been driving Britain’s electric vehicle revolution for almost two decades, and are delighted to be teaming up with Rolec – they bring an important element to this new comprehensive EV driver package – a home charging solution.

“Our ambition in doing this is clear – to make electric vehicle charging at home and on the road more simple, joined up and cost effective for existing and new EV drivers, and in this way we hope to encourage more people to go electric.”

Kieron Alsop, Managing Director of Rolec, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Ecotricity to launch this game-changing bundle for electric vehicle drivers. Rolec manufacture Europe’s largest and most comprehensive range of charging points and have recently hit the 75,000 units milestone. The Fully Charged bundle will benefit all EV drivers who switch.”

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