Electric Taxi company clocks 100,000 miles in Nissan LEAF

Electric Taxi company clocks 100,000 miles in Nissan LEAF


The Nissan LEAF that sparked an electric taxi revolution in Cornwall has clocked up its 100,000th mile without losing a single bar of battery life.

‘Wizzy’ as it was named by St Austell-based operators C&C Taxis, hit the milestone in the course of more than 25,000 pure electric paying fares and having been rapid charged over 1,700 times.

The distance it’s covered since entering service in July 2013 is equivalent to 100 round trips from the company’s base in Cornwall to Glasgow, more than four times around the world or almost half the distance to the moon.

But, despite living the same punishing life as any modern day taxi, Wizzy retains near full battery health and, incredibly, is still on its first set of brake pads.

Inspired by Wizzy’s performance, C&C Taxis now operates five further 100% electric Nissan LEAFs and an all-electric Nissan e-NV200 Combi.

Mark Richards, Fleet Manager at C&C Taxis, estimates that each vehicle saves the business around £8,500 per year in fuel bills and maintenance costs.

He said: “When we speak to other taxi operators they often tell us range and battery life are the biggest factors preventing them from considering an electric taxi.

“Then, when we tell them Wizzy’s done 100,000 miles and still has full battery health, they’re left speechless.”

He added: “It’s no exaggeration to say Wizzy has transformed our business.

“We took a gamble when we bought her but she’ll have paid for herself in just 24 months and the savings we’re now making across the fleet are phenomenal.”

Built in Britain and priced from £21,490 RRP (including Government Plug-In Car Grant), the trailblazing Nissan LEAF is the world’s bestselling pure electric car and costs just two pence per mile to run.